Search Engine Optimization

There is no secret to search engine optimization; simply use time tested techniques to improve ranking and placement and drive traffic to your website. As simple as that sounds, it is probably the single most misunderstood element in webpage design. Home PC Patrol has a history of achieving outstanding search engine results without employing the expensive pay per click and pay per link strategies often utilized by the 'Last chance to rank high in search engines' fly-by-night companies.

Simply submitting your website to hundreds of search engine directories or spamming your site with hundreds of incoming links from unrelated websites is not enough to insure high ranking results on major search engine results pages (SERPs). Home PC Patrol helps our clients develop webpages that are worthy of higher search engine ranking with content that is original, relevant, and is competently deployed.

Home PC Patrol's search engine specialists will help you 'outsmart' the competition by educating you on how to carefully select and place the best keywords that will push your content ahead of your competitors search engine rankings.