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The Internet has grown into one of the most powerful advertising mediums available making traditional phone books and print newspaper advertising 'all but extinct' by comparison. Each day, billions of people research information from their home computers and web enabled phones and if your company isn't taking advantage of this medium; then you are losing out!

Home PC Patrol's Web Development team offers comprehensive web development services, specializing in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eCommerce, Internet Marketing & Advertising, Content Management Systems, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Mobile Media Marketing, Website Security, and Web Analytics. In addition, we also offer Website Hosting and Domain Services, including domain registration and SSL Encryption services.

Regardless of what type of internet presence you wish to establish, Home PC Patrol Web Development specialists have the experience to help you succeed. In digital media marketing, no one aspect alone can provide successful results. With that in mind, Home PC Patrol specializes in all of the following aspects of your business's web based advertising campaign:

  • Website Design

  • The centerpiece of your online advertising and marketing campaign will be your web site. Home PC Patrol's Web Design Studio will help you develop interactive web pages that appeal to your visitors visually while appealing to search engines from a purely technical standpoint. Home PC Patrol also ensures your site exceeds all industry standard security practices to keep your company and customer information safe and secure. You can find more information on our website design practices by viewing Home PC Patrol's Web Site Design page.

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • The most incredible looking website in the world is worthless if nobody knows it exists. With that in mind, Home PC Patrol web designers focus on developing sites that achieve high rankings in search engine results pages without compromising visual appeal. Our experienced web developers do not rely on pay per click advertising and other questionable techniques that often provide very low return on investment; instead, Home PC Patrol uses quality content to drive organic term ranking without necessitating additional cost. More information can be found on Home PC Patrol's Search Engine Optimization page.

  • eCommerce

  • When launching an online store, it is crucial to develop a customizable shopping cart system that provides scalability, usability, and security. Your e-Commerce solution will need to provide a unique storefront, that sets you apart from the competition and can be tailored to fit your business model. E-Commerce software alone does not make online business campaign successful; and starting an ebusiness from scratch, or restructuring your current eCommerce solution, can be an overwhelming undertaking if you don't have the right web development agency supporting you. Home PC Patrol's eCommerce page will show you why we are the right agency for the job.

  • Internet Marketing & Advertising

  • While your website will be the core of your digital marketing campaign, Home PC Patrol can help you develop parallel campaigns for email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing to smartphones to create a comprehensive e-marketing solution. Home PC Patrol's Internet Marketing and Advertising specialists know there are no shortcuts in a successful campaign and focus your campaign on techniques that provide quantifiable, consistent growth. You can visit Home PC Patrol's Internet Marketing and Advertising page to learn more about the methods we use to achieve outstanding results.

  • Content Management Systems

  • Many web development companies thrive on maintaining exclusive control over their client's websites. By designing their client's sites in raw HTML, CSS, and Flash they insure that the average client, without a programing background, cannot make even the simplest change to their website themselves. This makes the web site developer indispensable and locks the client into a dependent relationship both technically and financially. Home PC Patrol often utilizes content management systems (CMS) that allow our clients to make changes, publish content, and upload forms, pictures, and products as easily as sending a text message or attaching a picture to an email. This puts control of the website back in the hands of our clients and money they would typically pay other website designers back in their pockets. To learn more about our CMS options and recommendations, you can visit Home PC Patrol's Content Management System page.

  • Social Media Marketing

  • The explosive growth of social media platforms, primarily Facebook and Twitter, and more recently Google +, have forever changed the face of web based marketing. With Facebook nearing one billion registered users and Twitter exceeding 50 million 'tweets' per day, it would be foolish to ignore these platforms when developing your internet based advertising campaign. Home PC Patrol's Social Media specialists will develop a blueprint that will allow you to utilize social media to improve your customer communication, retention, and lead generation through daily interaction with your consumers. Home PC Patrol's Social Media Marketing page offers additional information on how our technicians implement fundamental principals of social media marketing into a successful marketing strategy.

  • Mobile Media Marketing

  • Hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. alone use mobile devices on a daily basis, and largely due to the iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones, they have become many people's primary method of researching products, services, and companies. Home PC Patrol Web Page Designers make sure that the pages in your website resize gracefully resulting in a site that looks good and is as easy to navigate on a smartphone as it is on a full sized computer monitor. In addition, we can develop a mobile marketing campaign that your consumers will want to opt into. Home PC Patrol's Mobile Media Marketing page will provide you with more information about our implementation of this marketing medium.

  • Website Security

  • Nothing will negatively impact your web based marketing efforts faster than if your site's security is compromised. When a website is 'hacked', it very often results in the loss or unauthorized distribution of your valuable customer information, traffic redirection to malicious web pages, or the entire site being rendered inaccessible to your visitors. In addition to the technical problems restoring your site, the security breech will undermine the trust that you have worked to develop with your audience. Home PC Patrol installs redundant layers of security on every site we develop to safeguard both your website and your reputation with your consumers. Our security methodology can be reviewed on Home PC Patrol's Website Security page.

  • Web Analytics

  • When optimizing your online advertising and marketing initiatives, analyzing the internet data allows site managers to evaluate traffic patterns, page views, bounce rate, and can even help measure the effectiveness of traditional print advertising campaigns. Home PC Patrol's Data Analysts will measure, collect, and analyze the statistical data for your website and use it to improve your potential audience, market visibility, and popularity trends. Additional information of how our analysts gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign can be found on Home PC Patrol's Web Analytics page.

  • Web Hosting & Domain Services

  • The success of your website and web based marketing campaign is contingent on the web hosting and domain services that support it. Home PC Patrol offers our web development clients access to both Windows and Linux hosting packages that scale to fit any business need; as well as a full suite of domain services including domain name registration, renewal, name transfers, privacy services, and expiration protection. In addition, Home PC Patrol will also set up your SSL Certificates and initiate full site transfers for those clients wishing to migrate from their previous host. For a detailed overview of these services, visit Home PC Patrol's Web Hosting & Domain Services page.