Mobile Media Marketing

Mobile marketing has grown into a critical aspect of web based marketing; however, it is often overlooked or neglected by companies who either don't understand this medium or consider it to be just an 'emerging technology'. With well over 4 billion people using mobile communication devices, any company who does not integrate this medium in their digital marketing plan is missing out on a massive advertising platform.

Mobile marketing can provide a substantial return for a minimal investment in time and effort. Unlike emails, it is estimated that roughly 95% of all text messages are opened and read within a few minutes of the time they are received providing a direct and near immediate flow of information between your business and your customers.

While most people consider text messages slightly less intrusive than other forms of advertisement, if you simply start bombarding your client's smartphones with unsolicited text messages, you are likely to alienate much of your customer base. With that in mind, Home PC Patrol can help you develop a mobile strategy that allows your customers to 'opt in' to messages that provide them with special benefits and exclusive offers.