Home PC Patrol Maintenance Plans

Home PC Patrol

Home PC Patrol offers comprehensive, full service, maintenance plans to both business and residential customers. Our maintenance plans allow clients who subscribe to the service to receive regularly scheduled maintenance from a skilled technician every 120 days. This insures that our clients computer systems and networks operate at peak performance at all times at a cost that is often less than a single service from many of the companies in the computer service industry.

Home PC Patrol offers two maintenance plan packages; the Basic Maintenance Plan and the Advanced Maintenance Plan. Subscribers of both plans receive regularly scheduled maintenance appointments as well as limited incidental maintenance, remote assistance, phone support, and troubleshooting consultations as needed between scheduled visits.

Unlike many computer repair companies and independent 'technicians', Home PC Patrol does not apply quick 'fixes' or remedy only the symptoms; instead, Home PC Patrol insures that your PC is maintained in a persistently healthy state. Our trained technicians understand that there is much more involved in a successful malware repair than simply removing the malware. Once an infection is removed, Home PC Patrol technicians repair the damaged system files, security settings, and registry. In addition, our technicians also determine how the malware content infiltrated the system and secures those vulnerabilities to prevent reoccurrance.

Home PC Patrol recognizes that the most valuable part of your computer is the information it contains, so our technicians always back up important data prior to performing any major operating system service. In addition, Home PC Patrol technicians never reinstall the operating system or revert systems to their factory state simply to save time. Only when no other course of action exists that can return a computer to proper working order, will Home PC Patrol reinstall the operating system. After reinstallation, the client's data is restored, followed by a complete maintenance to optimize the system's performance and security. The entire process is covered under both maintenance plans in the unlikely event that such a procedure needs to be performed.

Regardless of which maintenance plans you choose, Home PC Patrol will provide your family or business with peace of mind knowing you have a personal IT professional maintaining your systems and on call if ever the need arises.

Both maintenance plans are governed by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy