Content Management Systems

Home PC Patrol promotes web page design as an affordable way for our customers to advertise their business and products. Unlike many website development companies, our goal is to design web sites that will allow our clients to control their own content and administrate changes themselves. In many cases, this can be achieved by using content management systems (CMS) instead of CSS and HTML webpages.

Using content management systems allows our customers an easy interface to post updates and make changes to their site themselves without having to pay the recurring "maintenance" fees that many web site design companies use to double or triple the initial cost in the form of yearly maintenance charges.

In the past, it took considerable technical knowledge to publish a website. Publishers needed knowledge of HTML, CSS, and programming which prevented most businesses from being able to assist in updating their website aside from perhaps writing the verbiage they wanted added or changed.

Home PC Patrol recognizes that one of the most effective way to engage site visitors is to provide them with content that is updated regularly. If Home PC patrol determines that a content management system will fit the layout and content structure that you have envisioned for your site; it will provide you with unmatched control over the content that comprises your website. By utilizing the content management system (CMS) backbone to drive your site, you have the freedom to allow any employee, whether 'tech-savy' or not, to edit, create, and publish content as easily as typing out an email. Best of all, it will virtually eliminate the need to pay a web developer or call your IT department any time you want to make a change.

Home PC Patrol will design your site, layout, custom graphics, and enter your initial content. After that has been completed to your liking, Home PC Patrol trains you and your staff to make updates yourselves. Whether adding or changing weekly specials or updating staff profiles, your content is completely within your control. Of course should you require assistance or even feel overwhelmed, Home PC Patrol will gladly assist you with your update and can provide additional training.