Basic Maintenance Plan

Home PC Patrol

The Basic Maintenance Plan is the standard maintenance package offered by Home PC Patrol; however, the protection it provides for your PC ultimately redefines 'standard'. Home PC Patrol's skilled technicians perform system optimizations every 120 days; totaling three maintenance services over the course of one calendar year, insuring your system is always running at maximum performance levels. By providing regular maintenance, Home PC Patrol will extend the life of your equipment and keep it running like new. By choosing the Basic Maintenance Plan you will not incur the expensive, single service, repair bills associated with 'other' computer service companies! Your network, internet settings, and programs are kept in optimal condition to keep you surfing the web at blazing fast speeds. Home PC Patrol removes the personal information stored within your computer's memory, to help keep your business or family safe from targeted marketing spam, internet crime, and identity theft.

The primary services that are regularly performed as part of the Basic Maintenance Plan include, but are not limited to:

  • Malware (Virus and Spyware) Removal and Repair
  • Network Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • File System Maintenance
  • Graphic, Internet, & System File Optimization
  • Temporary File Cleaning
  • Installation of Microsoft Critical, Security, and Driver Updates
  • Security Program Updates (Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware)
  • Standard Maintenance Tasks (Defragmentation, Scan Disk, System File Check, etc.)
  • Selective Registry Defragmentation, Optimization, and Repair
  • Internet and Network Security

Subscribers of the Basic Maintenance Plan also receive incidental maintenance, remote assistance, phone support, and troubleshooting consultations between scheduled visits (not to exceed 6 per contract term including repair / replacement consultations) so you are always covered!

Subscribers of the Advanced Maintenance Plan receive free diagnostic and repair consultations for malfunctioning system hardware. Home PC Patrol will provide recommendations regarding the technical and economic viability of all repairs and replacements. We'll even find you the best prices on the parts you need, or the best possible replacement for your needs, both technically and financially. Our technicians know which manufacturers have withstood the test of time and will help you get the best quality components for the best prices possible.

Neither the Advanced nor the Basic Maintenance Plan covers the cost of any necessary hardware components required to perform the repairs or upgrades. Repair parts recommendations are presented at our cost with no markup or handling fees. Additionally, Home PC Patrol will apply one of your remaining service visits to cover the cost of your in-shop hardware repair so that no installation expense is incurred.

All Home PC Patrol computer maintenance and service calls are performed remotely whenever possible. Hardware failures and viral infections that prevent network connectivity will require in shop repairs; however, Home PC Patrol typically waives the emergency service charges if the client transports their computer to and from our shop. In all cases, on-site maintenance is performed only when all other options have been exhausted.

Subscribe to the Basic Maintenance Plan for only $365 per year!
Add additional PCs under this plan for only $300 each

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