Website Security

Websites are constantly at risk of attack from parties looking to 'crash' the site, harvest any sensitive data that it may contain, and redirect traffic to other sites that contain malware, fraudware, and dangerous scripts. Home PC Patrol security specialists make sure that there are no vulnerabilities in your website's code that would allow an attacker to exploit your site via SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Session Management Exploits, Insecure Direct Object Reference, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Unvalidated Redirects & Forwards, Insecure Cryptographic Storage, and Insufficient Transport Layer Protection.

In addition, Home PC Patrol technicians always manage our clients websites over encrypted connections from our secure network, and exclusively on secured workstations. In addition Home PC Patrol restricts access to administrative backends, databases, HTML Markup, and CSS code to prevent even accidental damage by an authorized contributor.

Lastly, any website can be hacked if someone really wants to take it down. Even government sites and corporate websites that are managed by million dollar IT departments have been compromised causing loss of data, temporary down time, etc. While Home PC Patrol makes sure to adhere to all industry standard security practices, no one can guarantee that your site will never be compromised. With this in mind, Home PC Patrol provides additional safety precautions to minimize the impact of such a disaster should it ever occur. Your company's entire site including data, file system, graphics, CSS and HTML code, and databases is backed up both online and locally on a regular basis to insure that if anything ever happens to disrupt your site's online presence, Home PC Patrol can minimize the impact and have your site back online as quickly as possible.