Website Hosting & Domain Services

Website Hosting

An integral part of quality web development is the performance and security of your website. If your site is hosted on an over sold and under supported public server, you can actually harm your business when visitors to your site find it to be slow, unresponsive, or down altogether. Even more detrimental to your brand are the small, improperly configured private servers that lack the resources and conditions to keep your business's and customer's information safe. Home PC Patrol, through our experience and interaction with many hosting companies and data centers over the past decade, understands exactly what core principals and performance standards a hosting company must possess to insure the success of your online campaign.

Home PC Patrol does not offer public hosting packages. We provides hosting services exclusively for our web development customers so that we can devote all of our support resources to those clients. Because of this, Home PC Patrol maintains 99.9% network and server availability through our hosting partners, and 95% of all of our client's issues are resolved within four hours of the time they are reported.

Unlike some of our competitors who rent server space from large national companies and then rebrand it as 'their own' hosting services; Home PC Patrol makes no illusion to that effect. Like you, we like to focus on what we do best, and what we have the resources for and leave the hosting and hosting support to our partners who have made hosting services what they do best for over a decade.

Home PC Patrol has worked with dozens of hosting companies over the years, all had strengths and weaknesses; however, only our current hosting partner consistently provided our clients with affordable pricing, priority service, and world class web services. Our relationship with them allows us the ability to seamlessly migrate sites from other hosting providers, near immediate response on all service issues, 24/7 365 days of the year, and hosting packages that can be customized to meet any specific needs of our clientele.

Unlike most hosting companies our hosting partner is not a subsidiary of or reseller for a larger hosting company. They monitor and maintain their own servers and purchase bandwidth exclusively from Teir1 bandwidth providers and Their data center is rated one of the best in the world for reliability featuring redundant UPS & diesel generator power systems allowing it to sustain any possible power outages. Redundant HVAC Systems featuring climate control, particle filters, and humidity control provide optimal conditions for severs and system operation and eliminate the possibility of hardware failures caused by environmental conditions. In addition, their Network Operating Center team manages & monitors the network to ensure 100% uptime. Military-grade pass card access is utilized to guarantee the complete security of your data and the facility.

By combining their world class service with our knowledge of how to successfully configure and manage your hosting package for maximum performance and security; Home PC Patrol provides our clients with unmatched web hosting services at unbeatable prices.

Domain Services

Home PC Patrol's skilled technicians have the experience with the various domain services offered by our hosting partners to take the confusion out of setting up the various services your website will need to succeed.

Domain Name Registration

It's likely that you put a lot of thought into your business name before you registered it and the same holds true for your domain name, which is essentially your business's online name. Home PC Patrol will help you register the domain name you want to create your internet identity and establish your brand online. We will help you choose a memorable domain name that reflects your business initiatives, and potentially your industry and geographic focus. We help you avoid the pitfalls of registering domain names that are too long, confusing, or difficult to pronounce or remember. In addition, Home PC Patrol determines the value of purchasing alternative spellings and domain extensions, and advises you accordingly.

Domain Renewal & Expiration Protection

Once we have built your website, successfully established the site in search engines, promoted the site to your target audience, and established the online reputation of your domain name; losing that name would be devastating to your online campaign. Home PC Patrol takes expiration protection very seriously and recommends to all of our clients that they allow us to set up their domains with automatic renewal or at a minimum purchase those domains for multiple year periods.

Domain Privacy Services

When you register a domain, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires that your personal information be published to the Whois Public Internet Directors, which can be accessed by anyone at any time to obtain that information. Home PC Patrol encourages all of our clients to allow us to set up Private Domain Registration on their behalf to keep their information out of the hands of spammers, data miners, and telemarketers, as well as to keep their home addresses safe and protect against identity theft.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates

You have probably heard of encryption or SSL, or have seen the padlock icon or green address bar when visiting online shopping sites; and are wondering if you need an SSL certificate on your website. Most online shoppers are very careful to insure their personal information is kept safe and want to be sure anyone they conduct business with is properly securing that data. Installing an SSL Certificate on your website gives your consumers some assurance that you are a trustworthy source, and provides encryption for sensitive data such as credit card numbers and personal information.

Home PC Patrol believes that as an online merchant, it is your responsibility to protect your customer's information so that no one can intercept and misuse their credit card numbers. Secure Socket Layer Certificates, commonly referred to as SSL Certificates, assure customers that your web site is secure. Home PC Patrol will help you purchase the right certificate for your business needs, generate your certificate signing request (CSR), assist with validation, generate your private key, and install both the SSL and Intermediate certificate bundles.