Virus Alert: Emails / Webpages Promising Access to 'Royal Baby' Videos

Virus Attached to Some Royal Baby Emails

As I have stressed in the past, the computer virus industry is big business and the hackers and scammers never miss an opportunity to capitalize on the latest news, especially when it's as globally followed as the birth of a royal baby.

Home PC Patrol has learned that emails with the subject line ‘The Royal Baby: Live Updates’ have been circulating, promising access to live feeds and video footage of the royal baby. The emails contain links to malicious websites and clicking any of them will take you to a web page that instructs you to update your Adobe Flash Player software to the latest version.

Those sites then pop up a window that looks nearly identical to the real Adobe Flash Player Update window; however clicking the update button downloads viral content to your PC including backdoor Trojans and keyloggers.

Home PC Patrol reminds all our followers to only view 'breaking news' videos from trusted, well established web pages, and never click on anything offering to update your Flash Player software; it is almost always a scam. First, it is extremely unlikely that your current Flash Player software would be unable to play any current video. Second, if you are ever unsure and think that you may need to update your Flash Player, go directly to Adobe's Website and get it there.

Be careful with what you click, it's not worth being the victim of identity theft or having to pay a technician to fix your PC to see videos of the Prince... even if it is cute. If you have already clicked one of these links and your computer is behaving strangely, give us a call and we'll take care of you!