System Check Fake HDD Virus Alert

Virus Makes All Desktop Icons and Files Disappear

Since the first of the year we have seen a couple PCs with new versions of both the Fake HDD and SystemCheck family of viruses and both users believed that all of their data was gone and that they had lost everything.

The virus changes Windows settings to 'hide' the files, folders, and even your desktop icons and start menu programs, making it appear that all the user's data is gone. This makes it an easy virus to spot; however, it also has the potential to cause extreme panic if the user does not know that this crafty fraudware is designed to scare them into thinking all their data is gone.

Not only does the virus hide the files, it also typically inserts rootkit components that will reinstall the virus on system restart if it detects it's components have been removed and changes system permissions so that the user cannot run or update any programs.

The virus also makes sure to install numerous popups that produce alerts saying the hard drive is damaged and that run fake virus scans. Each popup links to a site that will allow the user to purchase a virus removal or hard disk repair product that will resolve their issue.

When encountering this scareware, there are two things that are important to remember:

First, it is scareware and meant to scare you. Everything you see is cosmetic and all fake... the alerts, the scans... and especially the things you don't see... like your files. They are all just bluffs, window dressings, and smokescreens designed to make you click that button and purchase their product.

The second thing to remember is that paying for their 'repair product' will not fix your system. It might make it usable; however, it will not remove the virus. While the alerts and scans are fake, the virus itself is real. In fact, the only thing the scareware doesn't alert you to are it's actual files. They simply turn off the popups, scans, and make your files visible again but only for a short time.

In most incidents, the virus re-activates itself within 90 days. As you will not have a confirmation email from the first purchase, will not be able to track down any contact information, and will never see any of the original popups a second time, you are left thinking your only choice is to purchase another 'fix' from the same organization that put the virus on your system in the first place.

Don't fall for their extortion racket. Home PC Patrol can restore your files and remove the virus from your system permanently with a single operating system service and plug up the security holes that allowed the virus onto your system in the first place. We take extra precautions to make sure all of your data remains intact and do not take the industry wide shortcut of automatically resetting the system back to factory specifications just to save time. The best part is we charge a standard flat rate for the service whether it takes a few hours or a few days!